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With 175 years of helping families navigate life pressures, Old Mutual understands the constant juggling act and balancing of different priorities that are inherent in raising a successful family and that’s why they have been thinking long and hard about how they can support you in ensuring that your family’s security and growth continues through life’s uncertainties.

Below are the various categories which Old Mutual are releasing their new products for.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is absolutely vital when you have people that depend on you. It helps your family to maintain their lifestyle and helps secure the best possible future for your children when you’re no longer around.

Pay-out: Single amount or monthly payment when you die. For living expenses, education costs, paying off debt and building your assets (e.g. paying off a home loan).

Disability Insurance

Your income allows you to provide for your family and save for your children’s future, but disability, severe illness and injuries can happen at any time. If it happens, you may need to stop working for a while, or even permanently. The last thing you want them to worry about is money.

Pay-out: Single amount or monthly payment for replacing lost income, paying debt, ongoing expenses like caregivers and ongoing treatment, reinvesting to use in the future and more.

Illness Insurance

Even though you’re young and super healthy, you’re still at risk of getting a severe illness like cancer, a heart attack or stroke. This won’t just impact your life, but your loved ones’ lives too.

Pay-out: Single amount for the cost of alternative treatments, travel costs to your doctor or hospital, the cost of a caregiver, paying debt and more.

Funeral Insurance

If a loved one dies, you will have to cover their funeral and other costs, which can set you back financially – especially if you have a tight monthly budget. You also don’t want your family to worry about costs when you die.

Pay-out: Single amount for costs like undertaker fees, a coffin, venue and tent hire, transport and more.

Future Insurance

As your health changes when you get older, your cover will become more expensive. Old Mutual’s Future Insurance allows you to lock in your current state of health to use in the future to buy insurance without going for medical tests.

If you would like to speak to a financial advisor from Old Mutual about their new products & how they can benefit you and your family, simply submit your details below.

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