OneSpark are changing the insurance game | Let’s introduce you to them!


Over the past year and a half, many South Africans have faced super tough financial times due to the effects of the pandemic and this, in turn, has impacted their ability to afford insurance premiums. We know this as we have historical missed premium data scales to prove it.

Having the right insurance policies in place is important and not something we want to have to sacrifice in our monthly budgets, so wouldn’t it be nice to have access to life, disability and funeral cover products that are not only very affordable, but also offer great cash-back benefits!

We’d like to introduce you to one of the most innovative start-up insurance companies in South Africa called OneSpark. The story started many years ago, when two actuaries started working together, heading up research and development at a global insurance giant. They were pivotal in developing some of the most pioneering and award-winning insurance, banking, and social-impact products that you see on the market. They did, however, notice that insurance companies weren’t focusing enough on putting the client first.  They wanted to be able to give something back to clients who were putting their hard-earned money into premiums, month after month. This is when they decided to break away and start OneSpark.

OneSpark has a very specific focus, and that is to be able to offer you simple, easy, affordable life insurance, with game-changing features and benefits. With the help of powerful AI and world-leading technology, they have developed a diverse range of world-first products which are suitable for all South Africans, irrespective of your income. Over the coming months, we are going to be doing product reviews on all of OneSpark’s product offerings and we’d like you to keep a look out for them so you can learn more about their impressive benefits that are unlike anything you will find on the market at the moment.

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The InsuranceFundi Team

OneSpark is an authorised financial services provider – FSP 50594. Products are underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, a licensed insurer in terms of the Insurance Act, and authorised financial services provider – FSP 76.

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