With OUTsurance you can tailor your funeral plan to suit your needs.

Choose a cover amount between R30,000 and R100,000 and then customise your plan, add your spouse, up to 8 children, parents and parents-in-law as well add additional benefits. This means that you build your own cover to the amount that suits your needs and based on the actual benefits that are important to you. Get up to R5,000 additional cash benefit for:

Need more cover?

The OUTsurance Funeral plan is flexible which means that you can increase or reduce your cover amount at any stage, whether you no longer need them or because you’d like to adjust your budget and reduce your premium for a while. We understand that it’s not always possible to buy all the cover and benefits you might need at the same time, so when circumstances have improved and you want more cover, simply add additional cash benefits.

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