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Don’t you get mad when this sort of thing happens?

You’re out and about on a Saturday morning doing the shopping. As you pack the boot you notice a small dent on your bumper. Someone had obviously bumped into your car with a trolley while you were in the supermarket and then drove away without a care in the world.

And how many times has someone banged their car door against yours and left a lovely chip? Sound familiar?

And have you noticed that every time you look at your car, all you see is that darn scratch?

So where am I going with this?
But isn’t that why you’ve got car insurance?
Well that’s true, but you’re probably going to run into one of two problems if you do that:

1. Your excess is often way more than the cost of repair, and
2. You’re going to get saddled with a hefty cost increase when they renew your policy and lose your no claims bonus.

Generally, you’re better off by paying for it out of your pocket. Or you can do this…

Introducing the Televaps Cosmetic Auto Plan

What if there was an affordable way to take care of those two problems – chips and dents – as well as seven more you haven’t even thought of?

The Cosmetic Auto story comes in two parts:

• Part 1 – The Cosmetic Auto Plan, and
• Part 2 – Wheel alignment and air-con treatment service plan

Part 1 – Televaps Cosmetic Auto Plan

We’ve already spoken about chips and dents, but what about the rest?

Here is what you get:

• Stone chips
• Scratch repairs
• Paintless dent removal (Paint or paintless – as long as it’s painless, we say)
• Windscreen chips and cracks
• Tar removal
• Odour removal
• Headlight renewal
• Leather or fabric treatment, and a
• Complimentary car wash

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Okay, so you know about the chips, scratches, and dents, but what about the rest?

  • Tar removal

I don’t know when last you tried to get this off yourself, but it’s a mission. You sit there with some petrol and a cloth and you rub, and rub, and rub…
And don’t think your local car wash is going to do much about it either.

  •  Odour removal

There’s nothing worse than buying a car from a smoker. Elite use a thermal fogging system to remove things like pet odours, mouldiness, and tobacco smells.
It’s a fogging good idea, don’t you think?

  • Headlight renewal

We’ve all seen those headlights where the lens has turned yellow with age. How anyone can see the road at night with those is beyond us. And who would buy a vehicle with faded headlight lenses anyway?

  • Leather treatment once every 12 months

White leather seats are great looking when your car is brand new; but have you seen how they look after a year or two? Disgusting!
With the Cosmetic Auto Plan, you are entitled to have your leather seats treated once a year, every year.

The catch?
There are limits applicable under each of the sections which you need to be aware of. We think they’re reasonable. For instance:

• under the chip repair section, the Cosmetic Auto Plan will not pay for chips larger than half a centimetre.
• Scratches and dents may not exceed 15 centimetres in length.
• Hail damage isn’t covered.
• Windscreen chips larger than a 10-cent coin aren’t covered. Cracks must be less than 10 centimetres long
• Odours that have been around for years and years are also not covered. Think wet carpets.
• Cracked headlight lenses aren’t covered either

The other catch, if you’d like to call it that, is the limit per service claim.
You are entitled to claim once a month for a maximum amount of R3, 500 each time. If that sounds unreasonable, try claiming R3, 500 from your car insurance every month… (annual limit of R5500)

Part 2 – Wheel Alignment and Air-Con Treatment Service Plan

  • Air-Con Treatment

Who among us isn’t familiar with that nasty smell when you turn on your air-con?
That’s because your air-con system contains harmful bacteria, mould, and fungi. There’s even a term for this – it’s known as ‘sick car syndrome’ or ‘SCS’. Who would have known?

Anyways, once a year your vehicle is entitled to a treatment. The anti-bacterial agents that the Cosmetic Auto Plan will use lasts for up to 12 months. It disinfects the entire system leaving your car smelling fresh as daisies.

  • Wheel Alignment

One wheel alignment service is paid for after the first 12 months, and then every 12 months thereafter. I didn’t know that correct wheel alignment can add up to 10, 000 kilometres on your tyre’s life.


So when would something like this make sense? Two types of people spring immediately to mind:

1. The pensioner – or anyone for that matter – who intends to hold onto their vehicle for more than five years – and who wants to keep their vehicle looking respectable.
2. The person who has kept his vehicle for five years and intends to sell and buy another in the near future. He or she wants to get as high an offer as possible.

How much does the policy cost? Only R89 per month.

Until next time.

The InsuranceFundi team