You only have one life, so live it!

It was the best of times…and it was the worst of times. Charles Dickens came up with that line in A Tale of Two Cities so we stole it. In our story, it’s more like a tale of two guys… Both are in their twenties. Both are in tip-top physical condition. Both are applying for […]

Can you insure your child for Cancer?

The emotions experienced when hearing your ten-year-old child has cancer is soul destroying! One can’t even begin to imagine the heartache and the anguish –  Why us, why us? Any parent would willingly swap the situation if only they could, right? With children, the pain and suffering is visible. You can see they’re hurting, but […]

Questions to ask before finalizing life cover

life insurance

The concept of life insurance is a fairly easy one to get our heads around. When we die, we want the insurer to pay out a lump sum of monies to our loved ones, and in exchange for that, we commit to paying a premium over to the insurer each and every month. The reason […]