Allan Gray | Let’s Compare It To Someone In The Vacuum Cleaner Game…

So I attended the bi-annual Allan Gray investment road show on Tuesday and I’d like to share some of the nuggets with you… Here’s the first nugget which I found educational! GDP growth is conversely related to share market growth in a country Huh? Andrew Lapping of Allan Gray informed us that South African Gross […]

Allan Gray Investments | Is Allan Gray too conservative?

“Oh ye of little faith!” Now if you’re a believer you might be wondering why I’m mentioning that verse. Truth be told, this verse can also be applied to the world of investing and investments! For the past two years Allan Gray has been warning of the fact that the South African equity market is […]

How To Not Outlive Your Living Annuity

I read a very interesting article entitled “Living annuities for life” written by Richard Carter of Allan Gray (21 April 2011) which I thought I’d share with you. The article is obviously all about living annuities…specifically about maintaining your income level over the course of your life time and providing long term capital growth. Now…even […]