Death And Capital Gains Tax In 2012

Last week we looked at the capital gains tax calculation where Paul passed away in 2011. Today we’re looking at the exact same situation but from a 2012 financial planning perspective. Was Paul better off in 2011 than 2012? Let’s find out… Remember that this situation applies from March 2012 onwards: Paul has two major […]

Death And Capital Gains Tax In 2011 – An Actual Example

Last week I promised to show an example of an actual capital gains tax calculation where someone has passed away in 2011. If you can recall we discussed the fact that death is seen as a disposal of all assets on the day prior to death. So even if no asset is actually sold it […]

Death And Capital Gains Taxes In 2011

So when it comes to financial planning, what on earth does capital gains tax have to do with dying? Well, as it turns out…quite a bit unfortunately! You see before we can get around to winding up the estate and dishing out assets left right and centre, we need to wind up the deceased’s income […]

How To Apportion Your Primary Residence Exclusion Between Two Properties

I recently got a call from a gentleman with an interesting financial planning question, so I thought we’d tackle it today before I completely forgot about it. You see this gentleman’s son had bought a property in October 2009 for R900, 000. Subsequently he (the son) had made R100, 000 worth of improvements to the […]

How Will Capital Gains Tax Be Calculated in 2012 – Part Three

Last week we discussed how capital gains tax was calculated in 2011. In this week’s financial planning article we are going to look at how capital gains tax will be calculated from March 2012 onwards. Remember that the calculation we’re doing is based on the individual and not on a trust or company. Let’s first […]