Is it time for you to squeeze your insurance company?

I get this email from my bank… It contains my monthly mortgage statement. Eagerly I open it to check the outstanding balance hoping to see the balance drop. Instead, to my dismay, it’s gone up by R8,735. I hate debt as much as the next person. Because of this, I’m putting effort into paying off […]

King Price Insurance | Is it a gimmick?

Don’t you hate it? You buy a home, right? You pay your bond for twenty years, let’s say R5,000 a month, and down to the very last payment, you pay R5,000. Never mind the fact, that if you add up everything you’ve spent over those twenty years, you could have bought 3 homes. Wouldn’t it […]

Are you making this mistake with your contents?

Are you wasting your money on contents insurance? Do this right now: Pull out a copy of your car and home insurance schedule and page to the section which deals with household contents. Then look at the amount you’re insured for. Does that value look right? Now here’s what’s interesting about being under-insured Most policyholders under-insure their […]

Why it sometimes pays to have an insurance broker

insurance broker

Is there more to your insurance policy than just a car? Keep reading…you’re about to find out what happens behind the scenes when broker and assessor collide. A couple of posts back I wrote about the guy who had his baby seat stolen. But here’s what I haven’t told you about this claim. I get a […]


Do you ever read the emails your insurance company sends you? Most of the time I delete them, but last week I received an interesting one about load shedding. In the mail they asked a question which has had me worried for a long time, and I’m sure you’re just as worried. The question they […]