Should you opt for flat or % based car insurance excess?

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Tell us, what do you expect from your insurance? Some of us expect to be better off after a claim. But for most of us, we simply want to be in the same situation as we were before the loss. In this blog post, we look into car insurance excesses and how to avoid picking […]

Choosing the best car insurance policy for you!

You really can’t afford to own a motor vehicle without having some sort of insurance for it. Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact there are many different kinds of car insurance that are really affordable and give you differing degrees of coverage. From more expensive full cover to affordable basic cover, find […]

5 mistakes you could make with your car insurance

A stolen smartphone isn’t the end of your world, but could you say the same when it comes to your car? “Damn insurance company. Should have known they’d come up with some reason not to pay. I knew that it was too good to be true!” A week earlier Gerald had bought his first car […]

Can you insure your car for anything less than R20 per day?

Times are tough and we are all feeling the pinch, right? But we all need to continue fueling up our vehicles and head off to work every day to keep our head above water (and the economy ticking over). What if your already hefty car insurance premiums are starting to become unaffordable? Could you get […]


Ever been whacked from behind while standing still in rush hour traffic? Imagine this situation… Traffic comes to a screeching halt in front of you. You switch on your hazards, and hope like crazy that the 18 wheeler behind you stops in time. Nothing scarier than an 18 wheeler behind you, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, nine […]