Is there such a thing as money insurance?

[banner id=”19730″] Imagine owning a pawn shop in South Africa right now You’ve got a bunch of hard up people queuing at the door wanting your cash. Some are honest…but some are criminals. This past Saturday I took a stroll through some of the more seedy parts of Boksburg. I happened to walk past a […]

Does your buildings insurance offer these benefits?

[banner id=”19730″] What’s the single most important thing you own? It’s your home, right? Okay, with the price of cars nowadays, it’s a toss-up between houses and cars. But insuring a car is easy. Everyone knows what your car is worth, so if: you smash it then your insurer repairs it If it’s stolen they […]

Commercial Insurance & The Dreaded “Average” Clause!

The one thing about any insurance is that it’s got to be accurate. The devil really is in the detail and when it comes to your commercial insurance it’s no different. Make sure that your assets are insured correctly. Don’t take a chance and “guestimate” because it could cost you a fortune if your insurer […]

20 Commercial insurance covers for your business

As a business owner you are faced with a million things you need to do on a daily basis. Trust me, I feel your pain because I’m in the same boat. One of the crucial things you want to put to bed as quickly as possible is your Commercial Insurance. The idea is to know […]

What To Watch Out For If You Are Advised Not To Take Out A Multi Mark 111 Policy

Commercial insurance can be really tricky. There are plenty of risks your business faces and naturally you’ve got a few questions. “Which risks should you insure against? Are all commercial insurance policies exactly the same? How do I accurately compare several quotes on an apples with apples basis?” The last question is the one the […]