Is your credit life insurance killing you?

How many people have died without their family ever knowing they had credit life insurance to take care of debts? Think about it… You need money and you need it like as in yesterday. The last thing on your mind is worrying about the cost of the credit life insurance. All you want to know […]

Which is better for you? A 2 or 3 year loan?

So you’ve just been offered a loan, but you can’t quite decide between two options: a 2 year loan at a higher interest rate or a 3 year loan at a lower interest rate? Take Paul for instance… He needs R20, 000 as in yesterday. His credit’s been approved but the consultant offered one too […]

What does Financial Planning mean to you?

Financial Planning

Ask ten people about the meaning of ‘financial planning’ and you might get ten different answers: “It’s about buying insurance” “It’s about investments” “It’s about getting out of debt” “It’s about setting up a trust or writing a will” “It’s about making sure you don’t end up paying taxes at death” “It’s about paying less […]


Have you ever been blacklisted for something silly? ” Mr…It appears that you owe doctor so and so R53.80.” There’s nothing quite like the anger that boils up inside you, am I right? Take me for example… One of the more popular medical establishments has made me ‘cross’ in the past. No fault of theirs […]

Who needs credit shortfall insurance?

credit shortfall insurance

So you’ve finally bought that brand-new car. Look, we all know that a brand-new car is the ultimate bad investment, but few things beat that ‘new car’ smell, don’t you agree? The first thing most of us do when we buy a new car is insure the thing, and it’s usually around the time when […]