Is your credit life insurance killing you?

How many people have died without their family ever knowing they had credit life insurance to take care of debts? Think about it… You need money and you need it like as in yesterday. The last thing on your mind is worrying about the cost of the credit life insurance. All you want to know […]

Are they allowed to charge you this much on your loan?

They’ve offered me a personal loan at 25% per annum interest. Am I being ripped off? I was checking my credit card statement the other day and asked myself the same question. It all started when I withdrew some money at the ATM… I don’t know if you bank at the same one as I […]

What Is Credit Life Insurance?

I’m betting there is a credit life insurance policy in place on your life right now and you aren’t even aware of it! Do you have a clothing account with one of the big retail outlets? Do you own a motor vehicle that is financed with the bank? Do you have a personal loan or […]