Easter time is “Stay Alive” time

Who agrees with us that they really enjoy the trip between home and work every day? I bet many are asking what I’m smoking, right? If your day’s like mine, not a day goes by without witnessing one or more of the following: • Road rage • Overtaking on solid white lines • Driving through red […]

What happens if your domestic worker passes away?

[banner id=”19730″] Is Their Problem Your Problem? Your domestic worker takes care of your family.  For some families, she really is part of the family.  What would happen to her family if she were to die?  Do you care?  Should you care? Put yourself in this situation Just after eight the doorbell rings. “Who is […]

The Wrong Life Insurance Premium Structure Can Cost You Mega Bucks!

Did you know that the premium you pay over to your life insurer each and every month is actually being used to finance the cover you have bought? But like any finance arrangement out there, you have several choices when you put pen to paper. The problem is that you don’t know all the technical […]

Holistic Healthcare Planning is Essential!

Current statistics paint an alarming picture of the increasing prevalence of life threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. No-one likes to think about contracting one of these ailments, especially when you consider that your medical aid benefits are unlikely to stretch far enough to cover all of the treatment, rehabilitation and other costs […]