Discovery Health 2018 | The Essential Priority Plan

Make sure you understand the co-payments and self-payment gap before choosing this one! We’ve already given you the big picture view of the Priority range in a previous article. The biggest issues we have with the Priority series are: by far was the number of co-payments on this range. Other concerns were the self-payment gap […]

Discovery Health 2018 | The Classic Priority Plan

If you’re going to be on the Priority plans – this is the one you need Previously we gave you the 1,000 foot view of the Priority range. There were three major issues: The biggest issue by far was the number of co-payments on this range. The self-payment gap and the limited above threshold benefit. […]

Discovery Health 2018 | Is the Priority Series worth downgrading to?

Looking for the above threshold benefit but not willing to pay the price? Is this the answer? But first a quick word about Priority… This is a great option if you’re the kind of person who just makes it into the above threshold benefit every year and never gets to quite enjoy the unlimited above […]

Discovery Health 2018 | The Essential Delta Comprehensive Plan

If you’re comfortable with the large self-payment gap and using the Delta hospitals then this one’s for you. In the previous article, we discussed the Essential Comprehensive plan. Now it’s time for its baby brother – the Essential Delta Comprehensive plan. And right off the bat, Delta networked hospital options are an excellent option. This […]