How do Discovery Insure know you’re a good driver?

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What’s makes you choose one car & home insurance company over another? Is it because: You’re getting the best deal you possibly can, and You’re not going to have hassles if you claim? Funnily enough, for your insurance company it’s about the same two things: Are we making the most money we can out of […]

Is Discovery Insure Really Worth The Money?

I’ve been doing a lot of quotations for Discovery Insure recently! Many of these insurance quotations have been very competitive, but on the odd occasion I’ve had a few quotations where the premiums have been a tad more expensive than everyone else. Usually when we bring the fuel discount into the equation things sort of […]

Discovery Insure | Earn VitalityDrive Points With Online Quizzes!

You need to rack up VitalityDrive points to make the Discovery Insure car and home insurance product worthwhile. The more points you rack up the bigger your monthly fuel discount. Some points are easier to earn than others. These are honestly the easiest 150 VitalityDrive points on offer. Two simple online questionnaires get you 150 […]

Discovery Insure | Time To Fill Up At My Local BP!

The time had come. Armed with my DiscoveryCard and a brand spanking new Vitality Drive membership I rolled into my local BP fuel station. I’ve just changed over to Discovery’s new car and home insurance product and this was the “coup de gras”. The end of a series of small steps taken to start getting […]