Do I Need Additional Medicals Everytime I Want Extra Life Insurance?

You’ve moved into a bigger spot (and it’s coupled with a much larger mortgage), the wife’s got another bun in the oven and it’s become pretty evident that you need more life insurance. With your busy schedule the last thing you want is another needle jab in the arm and I short sprint on your […]

Discovery Life Insurance | It’s A Life Plan, Not Life Insurance!

If you know anything about insurance, you know that the guys at Discovery Life have a habit of doing things a little differently. Their life insurance product is probably the best example of that. It’s got really cool benefits other life insurers don’t have, but it can get a little complicated. If you don’t know […]

Going For Gold Vitality Status With Discovery – Step Two

My quest for Discovery Vitality Gold status is well on the way. I’ve completed step one which was the online health assessment. That was the easy bit. Pop onto Discovery’s website , complete a few questionnaire’s and earn immediate points. Step two definitely required a little more work. I needed to arrange for a Discovery […]

Going For Gold Vitality Status With Discovery – Step One

So I’ve taken up the challenge to try and earn the 45 000 points necessary to get me from Discovery’s Blue Vitality status (entry level) to Gold status in just one week. Seems like a long shot, but I’ve been told it’s achievable. What the hell, let’s put it to the test.  Step one seems […]