2 questions you should answer before purchasing Discovery Life Insurance

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Ask yourself these two questions when buying Discovery Life assurance: Am I a Discovery Health member on one of their comprehensive plans? Am I prepared to make the effort to get to Vitality diamond status? That’s it. Answer both with “yes” and you’re a match made in heaven. Don’t, and it can be the exact […]

Can you still afford to send your children to University?

Like you, I want my child to do better than me in life. So I’m trying to have a chat with him about having goals in life and finding his calling in life sooner rather than later. I start off by asking him a question: “So what do you want to do when you leave […]

Discovery Life Insurance | 600 000 Life Cover Policies In Ten Years!

Discovery has a habit of doing insurance a little differently! Trying to add value to those policyholders loyal to the Discovery brand is their underlying strategy. (well at least in my eyes). The problem is many consider the Discovery life insurance product too be far too complicated. Is it? Is there real value beneath all […]

Going For Gold Vitality Status With Discovery – My Report Card

The time has arrived to tally up my Vitality points and see if I’ve been able to catapult myself to Discovery Gold Vitality status in just one week. The challenge was simple. Go straight to the top of Discovery’s loyalty programme in less than seven days. How did a fair? Is it possible to earn […]

Going for Gold Vitality Status With Discovery – Step Three

I’m past the halfway stage now! In case you haven’t been following my progress, I’m aiming to earn myself the 45 000 points needed to elevate me from Discovery’s Vitality Blue Status to Gold Status. The kicker is I’m trying to get it all done in one week. Loyalty schemes are cool, only if you […]