Which Fedhealth Maxima Hospital Plan works best?

[banner id=”19730″] Two questions before we start: Hands up if the thought of going to hospital scares the *@##! Out of you? Hands up if you’re pretty comfortable using a state hospital instead of a private one? I’d love to know how many hands went up for the last one which brings me back to Fedhealth. […]

Blue Door Plus – Medical aid for beginners

[banner id=”19730″] Are you also struggling with any of these issues? I’ve just got my first full time job. It’s not paying what I’d like, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Mom and dad say I need a medical aid but I don’t want to waste money on stuff like that. Is there anything cheap […]

Fedhealth – the most unique medical aid in South Africa

[banner id=”19730″] Recently I was asked by a client whether it would make sense for her to switch from Discovery Health to Momentum Health. Now she and her daughter were on the Classic Comprehensive plan at a cost of R4, 828 a month. A similar option at Momentum is their Extender Any Hospital and Any Chronic […]