Why you can’t afford not to have Medical Gap Cover!

Medical gap cover

It was going to happen sooner or later and you were always going to be the loser. What am I on about? Behind the scenes, there is a battle going on between two industries – the medical schemes and the insurance companies. The loser has always been the insurance industry, but ultimately it’s you. Medical […]

Medical Gap Cover | Are excesses payable at claims stage?

The thing about insurance is that we seldom ask enough questions. You think we would investigate things thoroughly before committing to an insurance policy purchase with a long term fixed monthly premium, but that’s not necessarily the case. We know we need the cover, we take it out, we know we should give the policy […]

Medical Gap Cover | Can you bypass the waiting period?

The short answer is, it depends who you have your medical aid gap cover insurance with. Generally, the guys in the gap cover business apply a three month general waiting period before you can claim against your policy. That simply means that no claim will be paid in the first three months of the policy. […]

Medical Gap Cover | Will my pre-existing conditions be covered?

So suddenly you are in the market for medical aid gap cover insurance? Your partner has heard a few real life horror stories about hospital bills not being paid in full by medical aid schemes and you’ve been tasked to get this insurance cover in place. Like pronto! The problem is that you’ve got a […]