How Do Unit Trusts Work?

One of the most common questions we get asked about investments is: “How much money will I get out after five years if I invest in unit trusts?” If you think about it, it’s actually a darn good question… I mean think about it…if you’re going to invest X amount every month for five years, […]

Are you in on this one…or out?

Don’t worry I’m not trying to catch you out with some or other insurance related question, but can you really afford to be out of the stockmarket? For instance, did you know that the average bull market in South Africa lasts around 31 months? Now I’m not talking about the cattle market…I’m talking about the […]

Does it make sense for you to own an Endowment Policy?

You might not know this but we write articles for other newsletters as well. Below is an article I wrote about endowment investment policies which I thought was too good to not publish on our own InsuranceFundi site. Why do I think it’s great? Simply because it explains why certain people should stay away from […]

The Last Person On Earth You Want To Borrow Money From

So you’re down to your last couple of cents for the month. The banks don’t want to lend you a dime because you owe them too much. Your family also wants to know nothing about your problems. You’ve cashed in your last investment. So what’s a person to do when he or she needs cash […]

How Does The Business Cycle Affect Your Investments

The vast majority of investors always seem to get the signs wrong when it comes to the timing of investments. In this article we’re going to look at the business cycle and identify some of the more common mistakes made by investors. At the start of the business cycle In this phase, producers of goods […]