Do you really need a funeral policy if you have life cover?

When you pass away your spouse is going to need some instant cash for a funeral (like in 72 hours). The problem is that life insurance pay-outs take a little longer than a day or two to finalize. So what now? How does your spouse get their hands on quick money and shouldn’t your life […]

Which beneficiary will get your life insurance?

life insurance

I forgot to take my ex-wife off my life insurance – My wife is the beneficiary in my will. Who gets the life insurance if I die?  The sad truth is (or good, depending on who’s asking)… Your wife doesn’t. The only will that’s going to work is the one which says, “you will have to […]

Don’t you just hate paying for life insurance?

life insurance

Quick question…have you ever seen what a million Rand looks like when it’s lying in front of you? The smell of those brand new notes? Unless you’re a storekeeper or bank teller, chances are no, and that could explain why we hate paying for something we can’t see. Life insurance isn’t tangible! All you have […]

How does suicide affect life insurance claims?


Will life insurance payout if someone commits suicide? I know this is an uncomfortable subject and I certainly don’t want to trivialise it. But it seems to be an increasing problem in the world of life insurance, and we need to be aware of it. I came across an article on fin24 entitled “Alarming increase in suicide […]

Can you trust life insurance premium guarantees?


Did you know that you life insurance might only be guaranteed for 10 or 15 years? It’s true. Go and check your life insurance policy. To understand this guarantee – and why it’s so important to you – means we need to travel back in time…all the way back to before 2000. Life insurance way […]