The best ways for you to choose a medical aid plan

Who’s getting the biggest chunk of your paycheque every month? Is it your bond? Maybe your car repayment? School fees? Now the great thing about all of these is that you’re getting something for your money. Eventually, that home will be yours – that car yours – but spare a moment for those expenses where […]

How do medical schemes actually work?

Have you ever wondered if you’re being overcharged by your medical aid scheme? I mean you pay and you pay, and it always seems as if you have to pay in, am I right? I thought it would be pretty cool to know how they calculate your cost and what you get in return. So […]

Can I Join My Old Medical Aid Scheme When I Still Owe Them Money?

The one thing about working with insurance products (and the policyholders who own them) all day, every day is that you really get to deal with all types of situations. And the idea with this blog is to bring those learnings over to you. Now on the medical aid side of things I’ve only ever seen […]

Happy 21st birthday now you can get off my medical aid!

When do kids stop becoming kids? “Never” I hear you chuckle! I don’t have any of my own (just yet) but I have seen a couple of 40-year-old kids in my time! The problem is your medical aid scheme isn’t going to allow your 40-year-old to remain on your scheme as a child dependent. So […]

Are You Willing To Risk Your Hospital Bills Not Being Paid In Full?

Not another darn unpaid medical aid bill. Why do I pay my premiums? I thought I was covered in full! Sound familiar? Trust me I know the feeling. I recently had a few “Not paid by your medical aid provider” bills landing up in my own mail box. I’m not a big proponent of pushing […]