Medical Aid Gap Cover | Are there any exclusions?

Every insurance policy comes with a list of exclusions. Medical aid gap cover isn’t any different! It’s simply the “we don’t pay when when this happens” list and if you own any insurance policy you should be aware of exclusions in the fine print. Some exclusions are general ( the type you will find in […]

Medical Aid Gap Cover | What are the maximum amounts of cover I qualify for?

Medical aid gap cover is pretty important insurance. Actually in my mind, it’s probably one of the most important insurance policies you can own nowadays. A medical aid gap cover policy makes sure everyone on your medical aid plan is covered against the possibility of landing up in hospital and not having the bill covered […]

Medical Gap Cover | Do They Settle Directly With My Specialist?

It’s the type of question you should be asking any insurer when looking to take out insurance cover: “How do you settle claims?” With medical aid gap cover insurance you’ve got several different parties involved, so who ends up getting the money at claim stage? That’s a good question. Before I answer that question though, […]