Is your medical aid ripping you off? Participate in our latest poll

A 484 page report has just been released by the Competition Commission of South Africa on the state of the private healthcare market in South Africa. The primary reason for the enquiry is the high and ever-increasing cost of private healthcare. Their findings? High costs which are rising every year even though the market is […]

Why does it take so long to get your medical aid savings paid out?

You’ve left one medical scheme to join another. When joining the new medical scheme, you opted for a plan without a medical savings facility (you’ve decided you just need to cover your in-hospital related expenses and self-fund the rest). Because you’ve made that decision your previous scheme needs to pay out your accumulated medical savings. […]

How does that medical aid late joiner penalty work?

[banner id=”19730″] So you haven’t been on a medical aid scheme before but finally you’ve decided to dig deep into your pocket and apply to become a member. Let’s just say the thought of landing up in a government facility nowadays has moved you swiftly into action. “But why is the medical scheme looking to […]

Why hasn’t my medical aid claim been processed?

“What’s the hold up? I submitted the claim two weeks ago! I need my refund like today because I’m out of pocket!” Sound familiar?  I know why your medical scheme hasn’t refunded you! It’s because there is missing or incorrect information on the invoice you’ve submitted to your scheme. I can guarantee you that unless […]

Can My Medical Scheme Cancel My Membership?

Are you aware that a South African medical scheme can’t refuse you cover? If you apply to become a member the scheme has to take you on regardless of your age or health status. So if they are obliged to take you on, the assumption is that they can’t kick you off? That’s correct. Once […]