Things you should consider if your medical aid is too expensive!

medical aid

Are you thinking about taking out a “hospital insurance” policy of sorts? Perhaps your medical aid contributions are getting a little heavy, and you are considering canceling your membership to free up some spare cash every month? Might be a plan, but before you pick up the phone and skop your medical aid into touch, […]

Why is medical treatment so expensive?

Are the doctors to blame, or should we be looking at the medical schemes? As someone who belongs to a medical scheme – and who is privy to a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what they don’t pay – I must admit the question keeps popping up. The sad reality is that our national health […]

Why your medical aid isn’t paying the bills!

So last year you exhausted your medical aid by June. This year you upgraded, it’s costing double, and they still aren’t paying. What’s going on? It’s called the self-payment gap – it’s usually only found on the more expensive plans – and it creates the most confusion. Take me for example. I spend just over R2, […]

Can a medical scheme reject you?

So you’re thinking of joining a new medical aid scheme but you’re worried whether they’ll accept you. Maybe you have a history of serious illness? Maybe you suffer from a chronic illness requiring expensive medicines? Maybe you have just been diagnosed with a life threatening illness? Usually the people asking this question have never been […]

How medical aids worked in the old days

Does your medical aid scheme pay everything? Well I suppose if you’ve still got money in the savings account then it’s yes. If you’re like most of us, then the answer is no. If you think about it, a decent medical aid costs the same as a small car repayment. For that kind of price […]