Are you making this mistake with your contents?

Are you wasting your money on contents insurance? Do this right now: Pull out a copy of your car and home insurance schedule and page to the section which deals with household contents. Then look at the amount you’re insured for. Does that value look right? Now here’s what’s interesting about being under-insured Most policyholders under-insure their […]

When Can I Claim Against My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

In a previous article – Why Should You Insure Your Home for Replacement rather Than Market Value – I mentioned that we’d touch on when it’s possible to claim under this type of insurance! How was I to know that- barely two weeks later – I’d be forced into answering this very question by one […]

Why Should I Insure My Home for Replacement rather than Market Value?

“Bloody banks”, muttered Paul, “They only granted me a bond for R800, 000 but now they want me to insure for R1, 1 million! I can’t get a bond for R1, 1 million from them but they score if the place burns down…Can you believe it?” I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard those […]

Should You Go Direct?

We got the call a little over a week ago… A couple was referred to us by one of our clients. Apparently lightning had struck their home and fried their alarm system. Doing the right thing, they duly notified the insurer who informed them that they – the insurer – would send out their authorised […]