Has 2020 changed your financial goals?

Old Mutual Tax-Free Savings

2020 has probably made you realise how quickly things can change and it has you re-evaluating what you want out of life, for you and your family. We all have things we’re looking forward to doing, working towards and planning. If you and your family’s bucket list has been getting a little longer and your […]

Tax Free Savings Plans | Follow these rules!

Is there any type of investment – with tax benefits similar to a retirement annuity – which allows you to cash in whenever you want? A retirement annuity has always been the preferred way to get something back from the taxman. It still is…if you earn enough to have a tax problem. But one of […]

Tax-Free Savings Plans | Clearing up the confusion

A couple of weeks ago we wrote an article on the Old Mutual Tax-Free plan. In that article we recommended you speak to an Old Mutual advisor before investing. We received a lot of feedback from our readers, especially around the annual and lifetime limits. We decided to do a second article clarifying this. But […]