Chronic diseases, medical aids & waiting periods

[banner id=”19730″] So why the silly title, “Chronic diseases, medical aids, and waiting periods”? It all became very relevant to us a little over a month ago when one of our clients suffered a health scare. It all started with an aching pain in the chest which steadily got worse as the day progressed. It […]

Use A DSP Or Else Your Medical Scheme Will Apply Co-Payments To Your PMB Conditions

“DSP’s, PMB’s, dude what are you going on about?”. I’m actually talking about your medical aid plan and not some new psychedelic drugs kids are popping in nightclubs.You see your medical scheme is legally obliged to pick up the cost of certain procedures called Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB’s) in full regardless of which medical aid […]

Medical Aid | Is Your Medical Aid Ducking Out of Paying PMB’s?

Getting to grips with the ins and outs of your medical aid plan is tricky. At point of sale you get to look at the wonderful glossy pictures in the sales material. Wow, this medical aid plan looks awesome!  The benefits, the value, the low price! Did that same broker take the time to go […]