Should you resign and cash in on your provident fund?

The question on everyone’s mind: “Is the government trying to steal my provident fund?” Well that could be a possibility further down the road, you never know. Who’s to say they won’t force all pension and provident funds to invest in government bonds at some point? Or introduce some or other ‘extra’ tax on the rich […]

The important decision you must make at retirement


Our earlier article on what a million Rand will buy you sparked a lot of interest. Based on that let’s delve into the dark world of retirement options. Let’s make it personal and fast forward ten or twenty years into the future by looking at your retirement, shall we? So today is your last day at work. From […]

How much will you get if you were to resign?

So I get this interesting financial planning email just the other day: “I heard that I will get R300,000 out tax-free from my provident fund if I resign, is that true?” Problem is it’s too good to be true! R315,000 is tax-free BUT…it only applies when you retire. Resignation is a completely different animal. The […]