Is cashing in your pension a good idea? Find out with our calculator

Thinking of resigning from your job in the near future? The answer to that question is always: “Of course, who isn’t?” Why stay in one job for the rest of your life? Some of us are already such pros at this; we simply hand in our resignation and say, “I’m outta here.”. The only hassle is […]

How much will you get if you were to resign?

So I get this interesting financial planning email just the other day: “I heard that I will get R300,000 out tax-free from my provident fund if I resign, is that true?” Problem is it’s too good to be true! R315,000 is tax-free BUT…it only applies when you retire. Resignation is a completely different animal. The […]

What should you do with your pension or provident fund when you resign – part two

Once again this is a continuation of an article we wrote for another insurance website…and which I thought to be way too important for you to miss. So here goes with this week’s financial planning article… Last week we spoke about the first two options regarding pension or provident funds and resignation from your company. […]

What Should I Do With My Pension Or Provident Fund When I Resign?

Here’s an article I wrote for another insurance publication recently, and which I’m hoping, will add value to you going forward. Sp without further ado… This question about what to do with pension or provident fund benefits gets asked a lot, and since most of us do a lot of job hopping, it might be […]