A Retirement Annuity that caters for life’s twists and turns

Old Mutual Optimal Retirement Annuity

Saving for your retirement is a long-term strategy that could see you committing for 40-years plus. There is, however, just one glaring issue with a commitment that long into the future, right?  Nobody knows what life is going to throw at us tomorrow, let alone a week down the line, or even decades from now. […]

Retirement Planning | Is it keeping you awake at night?

The chances are, if you’re older than fifty, you’re probably thinking about planning for your retirement right? If you’re only just making ends meet now, how will things be for you when you retire? Questions you may ask yourself before retirement What if my retirement nest egg isn’t large enough? Will I be able to […]

Is it possible to move your Retirement Annuity to another company?

Retirement Annuities

How often do you check the performance of your Retirement Annuity? For many people taking out a Retirement Annuity is very important as it obviously ensures some kind of financial assistance when you finally decide to retire. Depending on when you took out the RA, you may not have paid close attention to how it […]

Should you resign and cash in on your provident fund?

The question on everyone’s mind: “Is the government trying to steal my provident fund?” Well that could be a possibility further down the road, you never know. Who’s to say they won’t force all pension and provident funds to invest in government bonds at some point? Or introduce some or other ‘extra’ tax on the rich […]

Retirement Annuity or Tax-Free Savings account?

tax free savings or retirement annuity

What would the average South African prefer doing – Saving for a rainy day or splashing out on a new smartphone? Buying the smartphone, of course. What did you think? So can you imagine the dilemma facing the government when it came to encouraging people to save? “How are we going to encourage the man in the […]