Are you procrastinating when it comes to saving for your retirement?

Retirement Planning

Retirement is always something way off in the future until suddenly it isn’t, and by the time you realise this, it’s too late. What if we showed you how little a million Rand pension fund buys at retirement? Hopefully this will help end your procrastination. As a nation we’re not saving enough, and to be […]

Why cashing in your pension fund is a really bad idea!

“We need R200 000 urgently. Can you cash in our pension fund?” What seemed a simple enough instruction, turned out to be my biggest nightmare when I received a call from them two weeks later. “Why were we only paid R130 000?” Believe me, that’s not the best message to receive first thing on a […]

Do you feel like the value of your money has halved in the last 2 years?

Do you feel bleak about the future of South Africa? Forget about crime, corruption, land expropriation and all that sort of stuff. Bad enough as these things are, right now, the middle class is on a hiding to nothing. And most worrying of all, it appears as if our Government hasn’t got any solution either. Take […]