Are you procrastinating when it comes to saving for your retirement?

Retirement Planning

Retirement is always something way off in the future until suddenly it isn’t, and by the time you realise this, it’s too late. What if we showed you how little a million Rand pension fund buys at retirement? Hopefully this will help end your procrastination. As a nation we’re not saving enough, and to be […]

The taxman can’t wait for your retirement!

“We need R200,000 urgently. Can you cash in our preservation fund?” Remember in our previous article, how we received this request from a client followed shortly by a query: “Why were we only paid R130,000?” What a question to get first thing on a Monday morning, but put yourself in their position – you expect […]

Retirement Planning | Is it keeping you awake at night?

The chances are, if you’re older than fifty, you’re probably thinking about planning for your retirement right? If you’re only just making ends meet now, how will things be for you when you retire? Questions you may ask yourself before retirement What if my retirement nest egg isn’t large enough? Will I be able to […]

Is it possible to move your Retirement Annuity to another company?

Retirement Annuities

How often do you check the performance of your Retirement Annuity? For many people taking out a Retirement Annuity is very important as it obviously ensures some kind of financial assistance when you finally decide to retire. Depending on when you took out the RA, you may not have paid close attention to how it […]

Will your retirement be this scary?


Ever wondered how you would live if you lost your job? How would you pay the rent, the food, school fees? Scary, right? But guess what’s even scarier? I’m about to take you into the life of a pensioner. Someone without the possibility of ever finding another job. Someone who depends on whatever he has saved up in […]