Can you take out insurance against retrenchment?


The word “retrenchment” is about as common as the other swear word in SA right now – “load shedding”. Maybe let’s add in “state-capture” for good measure as well! The economic downturn has left companies reeling, and in the name of still turning a profit, Directors across the country have been wielding the axe for […]

Ten survival tips if you lose your job

The first rule is not to panic. The way to avoid stress is to develop a plan of action. Work out how you will reduce expenses, find out how much you will be getting as a final cheque and then start looking for new opportunities. Ramp up your appearance, keep your thoughts positive and start […]

Is your retrenchment package tax-free?

You’re not quite ready for retirement and you’re about to be retrenched. How will you be taxed? Business had been bad for a few years now. As Rob looked around the office, he remembered the various names and faces who had sat at each of the empty desks. But Rob was comfortable, much like the […]

Is your retrenchment package taxable?


So twice in the past month, I’ve gotten a call from clients about the same thing – retrenchment. The first person was in the process of being retrenched and she wanted to know how much she’d get out after tax. The second person had already been retrenched and was calling to follow up on a […]