Indemnity is not a swear word!

[banner id=”19730″] Ever heard the joke about the topics you should never discuss around a bar table? Yip, religion, politics, and money are a definite no-no, but one thing you’ll never have an argument about is insurance. Bring up the topic of medical aid for instance, and you’ll hear a hundred complaints (Okay, I know […]

Short-term & long-term insurance explained

short term and long term insurance

Ever wondered what they mean by ‘Long Term Insurance’ and ‘Short Term Insurance’? Quite honestly, before I got into insurance, I never really cared, and I bet the same thing applies to you, right? But like me, I’m quite sure you don’t want to look stupid at a function when someone asks you: “So who […]

Insurance Broker or Direct – A Broker’s Perspective!

Pssst…I need your advice! I’m needing to grow our short term insurance business rapido! Problem is…how am I going to get that right when most people already have an insurance broker and can’t be bothered to move? Fortunately, I think I’ve found the answer…Why not  just “knock the competition”? I think it’s a great idea…simply […]

Is short term insurance really the evil twin sister?

In my last post we chatted about life insurance being the ugly sister. Today I thought we’d turn our attention to her more attractive sister known by many names – car and home insurance, short term insurance, commercial insurance, business insurance, homeowner’s insurance, householder’s insurance…and a host of others s well. It’s obvious from reading […]

Is life insurance really the ugly sister?

I thought I’d continue with the theme I brought up in my last post… In that post I mentioned the fact that it’s not simply a case of the client having everything to lose by trusting in us to provide appropriate advice…but rather us – as well as a large number of our clients – […]