Has 2020 changed your financial goals?

Old Mutual Tax-Free Savings

2020 has probably made you realise how quickly things can change and it has you re-evaluating what you want out of life, for you and your family. We all have things we’re looking forward to doing, working towards and planning. If you and your family’s bucket list has been getting a little longer and your […]

Everything you need to know about Tax-Free Savings Plans in 2020

We don’t have a great savings culture in South Africa. Perhaps it’s because we are battling to keep our proverbial heads above water, or maybe most of us simply have a “live for today” philosophy which is tough to shake. Either way government recognizes our “lack of savings” as a problem and doesn’t want us […]

Retirement Annuity or Tax-Free Savings account?

tax free savings or retirement annuity

What would the average South African prefer doing – Saving for a rainy day or splashing out on a new smartphone? Buying the smartphone, of course. What did you think? So can you imagine the dilemma facing the government when it came to encouraging people to save? “How are we going to encourage the man in the […]