The taxman can’t wait for your retirement!

“We need R200,000 urgently. Can you cash in our preservation fund?” Remember in our previous article, how we received this request from a client followed shortly by a query: “Why were we only paid R130,000?” What a question to get first thing on a Monday morning, but put yourself in their position – you expect […]

Do you feel like the value of your money has halved in the last 2 years?

Do you feel bleak about the future of South Africa? Forget about crime, corruption, land expropriation and all that sort of stuff. Bad enough as these things are, right now, the middle class is on a hiding to nothing. And most worrying of all, it appears as if our Government hasn’t got any solution either. Take […]

Why haven’t you taken out a Retirement Annuity?

[banner id=”19730″] A question we often get asked is this: “Can I take out a retirement annuity if I already belong to a pension or provident fund?” The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’ve just read an oldish brochure from Discovery Invest. Here’s some interesting stuff you might not know: In 2011, South Africa had […]

How much should you invest in your Retirement Annuity?

Are you clueless when it comes to working out how much to invest in a retirement annuity? Well, we’re about to teach you how to do your own retirement annuity calculation. You do know that the money you invest into a retirement annuity (RA) is tax-deductible, and that the tax-deductible amount differs from person to person? […]

How much will you get if you were to resign?

So I get this interesting financial planning email just the other day: “I heard that I will get R300,000 out tax-free from my provident fund if I resign, is that true?” Problem is it’s too good to be true! R315,000 is tax-free BUT…it only applies when you retire. Resignation is a completely different animal. The […]