Medical Top Up Cover | Who Will Pay For Their Medical Aid If You Die?

So how much are you spending on your medical aid scheme every month? R1, 000 a month? R 2, 000 a month? Or how about R6, 000 a month? Let’s take a look at a family of three on the Discovery Health Classic Comprehensive plan (Discovery’s most popular option!). Paul, the main member, comes in […]

Medical Aid Top Up Cover | Can You Avoid Maternity Waiting Periods?

This week seems to be the week for fantastic insurance questions! Today’s sneaky question is: You say that one cannot claim for Maternity Benefits within 10 months of joining the scheme / fund. What if child birth takes place in the 9th month and the claim is submitted in the 11th month.   Kindly advise […]

Medical Top Up Cover| So You Still Don’t Believe You Need Top Up Cover?

This one’s going to be short and sweet! Are you still on the fence about medical aid top up cover? If so, the following story might be of interest to you. Fortunately for this client, he already owns a medical aid top up cover policy with us which increases his hospital cover by 200%. Now […]

Medical Aid Gap Cover | Gap Cover For Increasing Your Hospital Limits

QUICK…DO THIS RIGHT NOW! First – grab a copy of your latest medical aid benefit brochure. You know?…the one outlining what your plan you decided on offers in terms of benefits for the year ahead. Here’s a copy of my Discovery Health classic delta saver option for 2011 (It’s number 15 on the page).

Medical Aid Gap Cover | Why You Need Medical Gap Cover Today | Part One

So next year brings with it the introduction of National Health Insurance. Now while all of us are still in the dark as to how it will be implemented, a few ideas are being bandied about! The one I’d like to focus on in part two of this article is the scrapping of the medical […]