Discovery Insure | Here’s Why VitalityDrive Makes Sense For Couples

I’ve waxes lyrical on how the VitalityDrive fuel reward works in a previous insurance post (And I know you’re getting tired of it!). Basically VitalityDrive works as follows… The maximum amount of points you can rack up in any one month is 1, 400. The maximum discount available to you in cash every month is […]

Discovery Insure | How Does The VitalityDrive Fuel Reward Work?

 Yeahhhh! Discovery Insure has informed you that since you’re a good driver, you now earn 1, 000 DQ points each and every month. But what exactly do these DQ points do for you? I’m in a similar position myself right now. I am one of the select few who has a Pick ‘n Pay […]

Discovery Insure | How To Earn DQ Points On VitalityDrive

In this video we demonstrate how easy it is to earn 500 DQ points (Driver Quotient) each and every month on Discovery Insure VitalityDrive. To start off, it’s very important that you take your vehicle to your nearest Tiger Wheel and Tyre for the annual multipoint checkup. This alone will earn you 100 DQ points […]