Chronic diseases, medical aids & waiting periods

[banner id=”19730″] So why the silly title, “Chronic diseases, medical aids, and waiting periods”? It all became very relevant to us a little over a month ago when one of our clients suffered a health scare. It all started with an aching pain in the chest which steadily got worse as the day progressed. It […]

Are Medical Aids Allowed To Do This?

So where exactly do you stand when it comes to joining a new medical aid scheme -will a waiting period be applied or not? Even more important…is it legal? Why are there waiting periods in the first place? As you might know the laws have changed and no medical aid scheme can refuse your application […]

Medical Aid Top Up Cover | Is It Possible To Bypass Waiting Periods?

Okay, here’s a really interesting insurance question which was sent to us via our contact us page! “…I am aware of the one year waiting period – are there any other alternatives to bringing this time shorter even if we pay a higher premium for the first 12 months?” Now this specific question came up […]