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You did read our last TeleVaps Warranty article, didn’t you? If not, you can read it here.

Problem with that warranty is that some of you drive expensive cheap cars.
What do we mean by this? Take a look the next time you’re on the road and there’s a good chance you’re going to see a lot of older, upmarket cars. Just because you can pick up a cheap 2003 Mercedes Benz, doesn’t mean it’s cheap to repair. If you drive one then you’ll know what I’m talking about. If that is a good description of you then what you need is the TeleVaps Elite Warranty Plan.

Getting back to warranties sooner or later something is going to give on your car. Unless there’s a stash of cash hidden under your mattress, or you’re good for the bank finance, you’re stuck without wheels. Visit any workshop to see the number of cars gathering dust in the yard if you doubt this.

The problem with your standard manufacturer’s warranty as mentioned in the previous article is that it expires after a few years, and if you want to extend it, there’s a sizeable chunk of cash they want upfront.

It’s much easier, from a cashflow point of view, to pay for the warranty monthly.
One of those companies is TeleVaps. Let’s take a closer look at their Elite Warranty.

When can you claim against your TeleVaps Elite Warranty?

It’s important to realise that what they will pay depends on two factors:

  • The age of your car, and
  • How many kilometres on the clock

How the TeleVaps Elite Warranty plan works

There are three plans:

  • Plan A – for vehicles less than 5 years old and with less than 90, 000 kilometers on the clock.
  • Plan B – for vehicles less than 8 years old with less than 150, 000 kilometers on the clock
  • Plan C – any car not falling into the above two categories

What if your car has more than 90, 000 kilometres? Well, then you fall into the plan with the relevant kilometres.

What’s covered?

They cover 36 components, so we’ve decided to look at the most expensive repairs in detail and then group the rest together.


Anything inside the engine which gets lubricated except for:

  • Burnt valves, and
  • Blown cylinder head gaskets
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R75,000 R55,000 R44,000

Gearbox and Differential

  • Manual cars – everything inside which is lubricated including gear lever and linkages
  • Automatic cars – Everything inside plus torque converter, gear lever and linkages
  • Differential includes everything inside including diff lock if yours has one
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R40,000 R30,000 R20,000

Transfer box

  • All internal parts
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R40,000 R30,000 R20,000

Diff lock, supercharger, intercooler, turbocharger, and engine management systems

  • Diff lock only covered if factory fitted
  • Only factory approved turbos are covered
  • Turbo doesn’t include pipes,hoses or manifold unless the manifold is part of the turbo assembly
  • Engine management and transmission control units, sensors, and solenoid
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R15,000 R12,000 R10,000

Engine casings, Electronic ignition, air-conditioner, and cooling system.

Plan A Plan B Plan C
R10,000 R8,000 R6,000

The next thirteen components are all covered for the same amount.

  • suspension
  • wheel bearings
  • braking system
  • fuel system
  • electrical components
  • electrical winch
  • freewheel hubs
  • propshaft
  • CV joints
  • steering mechanism
  • clutch
  • cambelt failure
  • central locking pump
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R10,000 R8,000 R6,000

These two components fall into a category of their own:

  • Drive pulleys
  • Cylinder head gasket
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R4,000 R2,000 R1,500

Now onto all things electrical:

  • Electric motors
  • Viscous and electric fans
  • GPS navigation
  • DVD entertainment systems
  • Phone system
  • Internet access system
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R3,500 R2,800 R2,200

Considerations before purchasing the Elite Warranty Plan


If your vehicle was already damaged at the time you bought the product, the damage isn’t covered. Another is if the odometer has been tampered with or doesn’t work.They also need to authorise the repairs first and they insist on a repairer of their choice.

The cover also adjusts as your car picks up mileage and gets older. So, you might start off enjoying the Plan A benefit but eventually end up on the Plan C benefit for the same cost. That sounds bad but it only comes into effect 24 months after you sign up.

Finally, there are waiting periods before being allowed to claim:

  • During the first 30 days they won’t pay any claims
  • Then, for the next 60 days, they won’t pay more than the lesser of 25% of the cost of repairs, or the cover limits as discussed above. So, let’s assume you’re having suspension problems. The policy covers you for R5,000 on Plan A. And let’s say the repair cost is also R5,000. This means they will pay a maximum of R1,250.

The difference between the Elite and Top warranty plans?

The Elite warranty covers five more components than the Top warranty:

  • Transfer box (for the off-road enthusiasts)
  • Supercharger
  • Intercooler
  • Electronic ignition, and
  • Central locking pump
Top Elite
Engine Y Y
Gearbox Y Y
Differential Y Y
Turbo assembly Y Y
Transfer box Y
Diff lock Y
Supercharger Y
Intercooler Y
Management system Y Y
Casings Y Y
Electronic ignition Y
Air conditioner Y Y
Overheating Y Y
Overfuelling Y Y
Cooling system Y Y
Suspension Y Y
Wheel bearings Y Y
Braking system Y Y
Fuel system Y Y
Electrical components Y Y
Electrical winch Y Y
Freewheel hubs Y Y
Propshaft Y Y
CV joints Y Y
Steering mechanism Y Y
Clutch Y Y
Cambelt failure Y Y
Central locking pump Y
Cylinder head gasket Y Y
Drive pulleys Y Y
Viscous and electric fans Y Y
Electric motors Y Y
GPS navigation Y Y
DVD entertainment system Y Y
Phone system Y Y
Internet access system Y Y
Instalment protection Y Y
Insurance excess Y Y
Roadside assistance Y Y

Top Warrant
y pays a maximum of R45,000The other big difference is the amounts payable under each section. For instance, when it comes to the engine:

  • The Elite Warranty pays a maximum of R75,000


This product is tailor made for you if:

  • You drive an older, upmarket vehicle because of the higher amounts payable for each component
  • You drive a 4×4 vehicle with components such as transfer boxes
  • Your vehicle has a supercharger instead of a turbocharger.

The Elite Warranty is a mere R350 a month which is well worth the price considering the benefits.

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