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It’s obvious, right? Get yourself a service plan. No need for this article!

What can you expect for the money you spend on a service plan?

Some plans pay for the service in full, but who knows whether the cost you pay every month is in line with the actual cost of the service? Another way to think of this is like a medical aid for cars. You pay a monthly amount and expect your medical bills to be paid in full.

Then you get something called medical insurance.

Medical insurance pays up to a specified amount for every hospital stay regardless of the cause. Think then of TeleVaps as a company selling medical insurance, but only for cars.

How the TeleVaps Service Contribution Plan works

It’s very important is that you understand the purpose of this plan. It’s for those on a tight budget, who drive a reasonably modest car. Modest meaning that your services are relatively affordable.

The plan is designed to contribute towards the cost of servicing, and not necessarily to pay the cost of servicing in full. The maximum they will pay is R1,500 per service.

Obviously, this isn’t going to work for the guy driving a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi where one service will easily cost R5, 000 or more. But it certainly helps the guy driving a Toyota Yaris or Hyundai I10.

Although, if you think about it, depending on the cost of this plan, it might make sense even for the guy driving the BMW.

Second thing to note is that during the first four months of owning the product, you cannot claim.

Furthermore, the maximum number of services allowed in any one year is two depending on the service interval periods applicable to your car.


If you think about it, the TeleVaps Service Contribution Plan is basically a budgeting tool to assist you with servicing your car.

The more kilometers you put on your vehicle the more often you’ll be able to claim. If your car ends up being serviced twice a year then you’ll have R3,000 paid out.

Here’s another reason to consider taking out this plan…

You have budgeted for the service and have the money. But then you get the call…

Your car needs new brake pads in the front which will cost another R1,000. Now that’s something you haven’t budgeted for and is where a plan like this helps.

This TeleVaps Service Contribution Plan is only R250 per month!

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