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For the past couple of weeks my car’s been humming a different tune.

At first I thought it may have been my imagination, so I ended up winding down the window just to make sure. Nope it wasn’t someone else’s car…definitely mine…high pitched noise coming from under the car.

I decided to go to a mechanic and he had this dumbfounded look on his face. “I think it’s the fuel pump, but I’m not sure. Next time it happens, open the fuel tank, and see if it sounds louder.” True as Bob, as I drive away it starts again. I pull over open the fuel cap but can’t hear anything. I’m thinking it’s the fuel pump but more than that I’m thinking “how much is it going to cost?”

Manufacturer Warranties

Chances are if your vehicle’s out of manufacturer’s warranty it is going to give you issues sooner or late. This makes having another warranty a great idea. Think about it for a second, you have building insurance on your home even though you seldom claim, and when you do it’s usually for the geyser. You have contents insurance too, but the likelihood of a claim is slim.

When it comes to your car though sooner or later something is going to give, unless you have spare cash or are good for bank finance you’ll be stuck without wheels.

The problem with the standard manufacturer’s warranty is that it expires after a few years, and if you want to extend it there’s a substantial amount of cash they’ll want from you upfront.

If only you could pay for the warranty month to month? The good news is there are a couple of companies offering monthly payments so it’s good to look at what’s out there.

One of those companies is TeleVaps. Let’s take a closer look at their offer.

When are you able to claim?

Two warranty cover options:

It’s important to realise that what they will pay depends on two factors:

  • The age of your car, and
  • How many kilometres on the clock

How the TeleVaps Top Warranty plan works

There are three plans:

  • Plan A – vehicles less than 5 years old and with less than 90,000 km’s on the clock.
  • Plan B – vehicles less than 8 years old with less than 150,000 km’s on the clock
  • Plan C – vehicles not falling into the above two categories

What if your car has more than 90,000 km’s on the clock? You will then be moved onto a plan for the relevant kilometers.

What is covered?

Televaps have one of the most comprehensive motor warranty plans on the market. To be exact they cover 30 components, but we’ve decided to look at the most expensive repairs in detail and then group the rest together.


Anything inside the engine which gets lubricated except for:

  • Burnt valves, and
  • Blown cylinder head gaskets
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R45,000 R25,000 R15,000

Gearbox and Differential

  • Manual cars – everything inside which is lubricated including gear lever and linkages
  • Automatic cars – Everything inside plus torque converter, gear lever and linkages
  • Differential includes everything inside including diff lock if yours has one.
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R30,000 R15,000 R10,000

Turbocharger, engine management systems and casings

  • Only factory approved turbos are covered
  • Turbo’s which don’t include pipes, hoses or manifold, unless the manifold is part of the turbo assembly
  • Engine management and transmission control units, sensors, and solenoid
  • Casings include the engine block, gearbox, and differential.
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R12,000 R10,000 R7,500


  • This includes the propshaft, universal joints, centre bearing, and couplings.
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R9,500 R7,500 R5,750

CV Joints

  • The constant velocity joint only
  • Excludes the rubber boot
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R6,250 R4,500 R2,750

That’s the serious stuff covered. Now onto some stuff which blows hot and cold:

  • Aircon
  • Cooling system
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R7,000 R5,000 R3,000

Viscous and electric fans are covered too.

Plan A Plan B Plan C
R2,250 R1,750 R1,500

12 important components:

  • Suspension
  • Wheel bearings
  • Braking system
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical components
  • Electrical winch
  • Freewheel hubs
  • Steering mechanism
  • Clutch
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R5,000 R3,250 R2,250

We all know of stories where someone’s cambelt has failed and they’ve bent the valves. If you don’t want this happening, pay attention to these three components:

  • Cambelt failure
  • Cylinder head gasket
  • Drive pulleys
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R5,000 R2,500 R1,500

Now onto all those electrical things which cause headaches as your car gets older:

  • Electric motors
  • GPS navigation
  • DVD entertainment systems
  • Phone system
  • Internet access system
Plan A Plan B Plan C
R1,250 R1,250 R1,250
Televaps Exclusions & Waiting Periods


Firstly if your vehicle was already damaged at the time you bought the product, the damage isn’t covered. Secondly if the odometer has been tampered with or doesn’t work.

Another thing to consider is that the cover adjusts as your car picks up mileage and gets older. This means you might start off enjoying the Plan A benefit but eventually end up on the Plan C benefit for the same cost. The good news is that this can only happen 24 months after your policy commences.

Waiting periods:

  • The first 30 days of your plan you cannot claim
  • For 60 days following that they won’t pay more than the lesser of 25% of the cost of repairs or the cover limits as discussed above. Let’s assume you’re having suspension problems, the policy covers you for R5,000 on Plan A and let’s say the repair cost is also R5,000. This means they will pay a maximum of R1,250.


We’ve covered the 30 benefits of the product but there are an additional 3.

  • Installment protection cover of R1,250 which pays for the policy.
  • Insurance excess cover of R1,250 which pays a portion of your motor insurance excess if you have a damage claim, and
  • Roadside assistance cover of R2,000 which covers
  • the cost of having a taxi fetch you
  • flat battery and tyre assistance
  • 10 litres of fuel if you run dry
  • a locksmith if you lock yourself out
  • mechanical breakdown assistance
  • the sending of urgent messages on your behalf & if your vehicle breaks down more than 100 km from home they’ll pay for your 24 hour car hire, one night’s stay at a hotel or R500 towards the cost of a flight to fetch your vehicle.

You can get all of these benefits for only R275/month

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