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When your Smart TV breaks down do you have spare bucks lying around to get it fixed?


The only downside to buying new stuff is that it eventually gets old. Your super-duper 4K TV eventually loses a little shine and that snazzy fridge continues to do the job, but it isn’t quite top of the class a couple of years down the line.

Do you need brand new ‘things’ every couple of years when a new model hits the shelves? Of course you don’t, but there is a snag with owning ‘older stuff’ you might want to consider.

High-end appliances and electronics eventually start to give up just around the time the warranty runs out, right? It’s almost like they’ve been built to last exactly one day longer than the expiration date.

So, what exactly are you supposed to do when your home appliances and electronics fail after the warranty expires?

Here’s the solution:

Teljoy Easyfix provides affordable and convenient maintenance plans that protect you from unexpected appliance and electronic repair costs. A low monthly premium will cover labour, a call out fee, spares and give you the peace of mind as all repairs will be done by an authorised repairs agent.

Here is a list of the items covered by the Easyfix Maintenance Plan:

  1. Televisions
  2. DVD players
  3. Sound Systems / Home Theatre Systems
  4. Dishwashers
  5. Tumble dryers
  6. Washing machines
  7. Stoves
  8. Fridge / Freezers
  9. Microwave ovens
  10. DSTV decoders

Not only are you able to cover all your household electronic and appliances but did you know that the Easyfix Maintenance Plan also offers the following benefits:

  • For R149 per month you get to cover eight household appliances or electronics (like your TV, washing machine & oven) or for R99 per month you can ensure five items
  • The call out fee and labour costs are all covered
  • You get a spares limit that helps you to cover the cost of the parts replacement

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Teljoy EasyFix

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