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Are you sick and tired of seeing your tax money go down the tubes? Welcome to the club!

Imagine if the leadership in this country actually had our best interests at heart? What a novel idea that would be, right?

We might eventually have a decent Public Healthcare system in place and we could all ditch our expensive medical aid  plans. We could all stop buying expensive new cars every 5 years and grab the bus to work and back everyday (could you imagine how much  you could save on your hefty car insurance premiums?). And what if the Govt started  subsidizing our retirements so we had a real chance when we reached 70?

The reason why we though this would be a cool Poll to run, is because we recently sat down and added up all our personal insurance expenses. It’s crazy how much after-tax money we spend on insurance because we don’t have alternatives.

We belong to private medical aid schemes because we can’t trust the Public Healthcare system in this country.

We need two or three cars per family (and they all need to be insured) because we don’t have a decent Public Transport system.

We want to hear your opinion, so participate in this Poll and you could win R2,500 in cash (we will announce the winner at the end of August 2017).

Now please leave your details to enter the R2,500 draw (so we can contact you if you win the LOOT)

Tax Poll Entry

Thanks for your participation.

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