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There’s no getting away from it, the roads in South Africa are not in good condition, to put it mildly. Potholes are becoming a huge problem and the maintenance of the roads is almost non-existent.

Think about how often you have to try and avoid potholes and how many times you end up hitting one, especially when it’s raining! The problem is, not only can potholes destroy your tyres, but they can also cause damage to your rims and mess up your wheel alignment.

It doesn’t really matter how good a driver you are or how careful you are on the road, your vehicle’s tyres and rims are exposed to a host of hazards every time you’re on the road.

Fortunately, you can avoid all these unexpected and expensive replacement and repair bills with Bidvest Insurance’s Tyre Angel Cover.

Why should you consider taking out this cover?

Have you had to buy new tyres recently? Did the cost of them shock you? With Bidvest’s Tyre Angel Cover you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to fork out huge amounts of money to get your tyres repaired or replaced if they get damaged due to road hazards. The only time you’ll have to think about buying new tyres is when the tread on your current ones has worn down.

So, what will be covered in this policy?

  • Tyre and Rim Cover
  • Multiple cover options available for different tyre price bands
  • All replacement tyres that are fitted to your vehicle are covered
  • Wheel alignment is included with tyre replacement claims
  • Wheel balancing is included with each claim
  • Unlimited puncture repairs
  • Repairs to rims are also included
  • Month to month cover

Cover starts from only R79/month!

If you’re interested in receiving a quick quote from Bidvest Insurance, simply submit your details below & they will contact you ASAP!

Bidvest Insurance Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP number 46395. Ts & Cs Apply

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