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Can you still remember the days when we had good old bank managers?

No, not the person opening and closing the bank nowadays. Nor the person listening to your complaint about there being too few cashiers on duty during the mad lunch dash. We’re thinking of the person who gave you the green light when you come hat in hand looking for a loan or an extension on your mortgage.

In the good old days, if you were a major client, the bank manager knew you by name. If you were poorer…well let’s say you didn’t get to see them as often. In that respect, nothing much has changed, has it?

The great thing about having a bank manager was the relationship. They knew your finances, they knew you were good for the loan, and could ‘pull strings’ back at head office. If you were going through a tight patch, you could rely on them to cut you some slack – ‘cheque is in the mail’ type of thing.

And then everything changed almost overnight

No, they didn’t take away the keys, but they did take away the personal relationship. Decision making shifted to head office and along with that came the invention of call centers.

Let’s be honest, nothing beats the convenience of call centers.

Do you want insurance? Why see a broker and fill in forms, when all you need to do is call someone direct, right?

But what about when it all goes wrong? When they reject your claim? Have you ever tried calling them and getting hold of a manager then? Good luck with that one!

The worst is, when you call some certain large companies (We won’t mention names) and you ‘feel’ the lack of interest on the other side. Give them any lip and they put you on hold for ten minutes at a time, or even cut you off.

The standard response is to give you a reference number, and then it’s for you to follow up. And every time you call back, you start right at the beginning with someone new. Don’t you just hate that?

No wonder some of us get frustrated and turn to social media to let off some steam – Look up their Facebook page and leave a nasty comment.

Finally, a solution to your frustration is here. It’s called Resolver. It’s originally from the UK and now it’s local.

What is Resolver SA?

Resolver SA is basically a formal and constructive complaints resolution website.

Once there, you register your complaint and receive feedback from the company concerned. If the company chooses to ignore you, escalate the complaint right to the top (we are talking CEO level)

Resolver SA firstly explains your rights in plain and simple English. Then they help you prepare your email. Finally, they create a case file for each complaint you ever make. Years later you can go back to the case file if need be. All your complaints end up in case files neatly stored on Resolver for your viewing pleasure.

What’s important to note is that there aren’t any people at Resolver doing all the dirty work for you. The process is all system driven by a 3 level complaint process:

  • Level 1 – You register your complaint, and someone gets back to you
  • Level 2 – No-one gets back to you, and it gets escalated to a manager
  • Level 3 – Managers ignore you, and it goes to the MD

Resolver SA focuses on several sectors:

  • Banking (8 companies are listed as of July 2018)
  • Retail (26 companies listed)
  • Restaurant (43 companies listed)
  • Telecoms (15 companies listed)
  • Insurance (33 companies listed)
  • Credit (20 companies listed)
  • Motoring (34 companies listed), and
  • Travel (1 company so far)

How does Resolver SA work?

The first thing you notice when you land on the Resolver SA webpage is a question asking – Who is your issue with?

Type in the name of the company you’re having a problem with into the block just below the question and hit enter. Let’s say it’s Vodacom, and no, we don’t have a beef with them. We had to choose someone, didn’t we?

This takes you to a Vodacom page with a Get Started link which you click. This gives you various options from which to choose. We went with Billing which opened a screen with more options. We chose Payments.

We were then redirected to a page with the wording – Start Your Case Now.

At this stage, you must register with Resolver SA to proceed. This then allows you to state your case.

A range of questions can be answered such as:

  • What happened?
  • What would you like them to do?
  • When did it happen?
  • Do you feel you have a strong case?

After completing all the questions, you hit the Continue button. This redirects you to a screen stating that your case has been submitted and how soon you can expect to be contacted.


The way we see it you have two options:

  • Jump on social media and create a stink, or
  • Use a tool like Resolver SA ( and that’s not revolver by the way…a tool we wouldn’t suggest)

The first option is all about resentment which is okay if things have deteriorated that far. But with that goes the risk of being wrong.

What do we mean by that?

Well, for example, have you ever got into an argument with someone, overdramatised the events, and then been proven incorrect? It’s happened to all of us before.

Now you’ve created this massive stink on social media only to get some or other condescending remark from the company such as: “The reason why we didn’t approve your claim was because you missed your debit order due to insufficient funds…”

A far better way is to raise your complaint privately, thereby allowing the company involved to save some face. Personally, we’d rather jump to solve your complaint than have you bad mouth us on social media.

What’s great about Resolver SA is that if a company is cocking you a deafy (Slang for ignoring you), then Resolver SA escalates the problem right up to top management. Now management becomes aware of a problem at a call centre level. We doubt that any other call centre complaints ever reach the top.

Why not give Resolver SA a bash and let us know whether it works for you? We’d be interested in hearing from you.

Sign up to Resolver SA here. It doesn’t cost you a cent.

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